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Digitization offers real opportunities – you have to start in the right places

Do you remember when SAP / R3 was seen as a panacea? Processes were often not put in order. It was thought that process weaknesses could be fixed by software. In recent years, we have often been confronted with Office solutions in our analyses in companies, for example to carry out production planning and control.

It is astonishing how often we come across isolated solutions and system breaks in companies. It’s a patchwork quilt in the value stream. The entire management team is required to set up a networked system. However, there is often a lack of know-how about what is available on the market and what will provide the greatest benefit. In addition, a joint roadmap is required in order to prioritize the right areas.

We help you to gain an overview of your digital value stream, derive suitable measures and then create a roadmap. We are also happy to help you implement the projects.

Our usual approach:

  • Workshop on digital technologies in the company
  • Digital fitness check of the value stream
  • Development and prioritization of fields of action
  • Creation of the digital roadmap
  • Support with implementation

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

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