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Production and Logistics

Waste-free production and logistics processes are clear competitive advantages – consistent action is often lacking

Many magic words are used to give the impression that the value chain is well under control. Companies have introduced production systems, have a shopfloor management system, have coordination rounds to excess – some are surprised that the approach doesn’t really work. It doesn’t take long for the whole system to “fall asleep” – after all, it hasn’t achieved anything.

There are many reasons for this – the driver of the initiative leaves the company or even cost pressure. Savings are being made in the wrong places.

In our view, inconsistent action is a major barrier to operational excellence.

Take a look at the key figures that you track on the shopfloor every day. What do they tell you? Are they even the right metrics? What about the measures? Too many open issues that are not completed? Too many repeat failures because you don’t get to the bottom of the real causes? What happens? The consequences are often missing.

We help you to set up an excellence system, use it correctly and develop it further so that you have a robust and adaptable value chain.

Relevant project topics:

  • Potential analysis, value stream mapping
  • Establishment and further development of production systems
  • Establishment and expansion of production capacities
  • Adaptation of production structures, work organizations and logistics processes
  • Optimization of production planning and control
  • Increasing the efficiency of indirect processes (e.g. Sales and Operations Planning, TPM, MRO)
  • Sustainable cost reduction in direct and indirect areas
  • Preparation and realization of relocations
  • Training & coaching (e.g. working with key figures, value stream mapping, lean methods)
  • Interim

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